18.357 Interfacial Phenomena

UPDATE: Owing to several scheduling conflicts, lectures will be shifted from MW2-3:30 to MW3-4:30pm, but still take place in 2-135.

We consider fluid systems dominated by the influence of interfacial tension. The roles of curvature pressure and Marangoni stress are elucidated in a variety of situations. Particular attention will be given to the dynamics of drops and bubbles, soap films and minimal surfaces, wetting phenomena, water-repellency, surfactants, Marangoni flows, capillary origami and contact line dynamics. Theoretical developments will be accompanied by classroom demonstrations. The role of surface tension in biology will be highlighted, as will be hydrodynamic quantum analogs.


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Accompanying material for Problem Set 1: 1) Streaks of rain images, 2) Timusk (2009), 3) Notes on Hele-Shaw Cell.

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