Our research group consists of Instructors, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates involved in MIT’s UROP Program. We present our research informally at group meetings, and host visiting speakers on Tuesday afternoons at the Physical Mathematics Seminar.


Matthew Durey, Konstantinos Papatryfonos, Valeri Frumkin, Peter Baddoo.

Graduate students

Nicholas Liu, Davis Evans, Kyle McKee.

Applied Math Lab


The Applied Math Lab is at the center of our group’s research activities. A central theme of our laboratory activity is the visualization of high-speed flows, for which we have state-of-the-art still and high-speed video cameras.  The lab may be found in 2-031, in the basement of the newly renovated Building 2.

“The world is our laboratory, the laboratory is our sandbox.”


The group has numerous distinguished alumni, including  former Instructors and postdocs currently on the faculty in MIT’s School of Engineering.

Former Instructors/Postdocs

Peko HosoiTom PeacockRoman StockerPedro ReisTristan GiletJacy BirdDaniel TamMatthew HancockSunny JungMorris FlynnArezki Boudaoud , Lydia BourouibaLyuba ChumakovaPT Brun, Giuseppe Pucci, Luiz Faria, Stuart Thomson, Pedro Saenz.

Former Graduate Students

Miles Couchman, Sam Turton, Tudor Cristea-Platon, Lucas Tambasco, Daniel HarrisAnand Oza,  Jan MolacekWonjung KimLisa Burton (co-supervisor, Peko Hosoi), Peter Buchak, Jeffrey Aristoff, Nikos SavvaDavid Hu, David Vener, Francois Blanchette.

Former Visiting Students

Quentin Louis (Ecole Polytechnique), Kevin Presa (Ecole Polytechnique), Rodolfo Medina (UPC, Barcelona), Jessica Pilgram (UCal Poly), Jean-Baptiste Moiroud (Ecole Polytechnique), Benjamin Aubin (Ecole Polytechnique), Alexis Goujon (Ecole Polytechnique), Matt Durey (University of Bath), Juncal Arbelaiz (University of Pamplona), Victor Prost (Ecole Polytechnique), Julio Quintela (Ecole Polytechnique), Carlos Galeano-Rios (IMPA, Brazil), Emmanuel Siefert (Ecole Polytechnique), Oistein Wind-Willassen (DTU, Copenhagen), Alexis Page (Ecole Polytechnique), Eline Dehandschoewercker (ENS Cachan), William Durieux (Arts et Metiers, Paris), Marc Leconte (FAST Lab, Paris), Laura Messio (FAST Lab), Tristan Gilet (University of Liege), Pierre Renvoise (Ecole Polytechnique), Christiane Heinecke (University of Ilmenau), Victor Romero (ESPCI, Paris), Matthieu Labousse (ESPCI), Denis Terwagne (University of Liege), Francois Peaudecerf (Ecole Polytechnique), Hubert Chaperon (Ecole Polytechnique), Thomas Girard (Ecole polytechnique), Pascal Raux (ENS Cachan), Maurice Blount (DAMTP, University of Cambridge).

Former UROPs

Leo Zhou, Kirin Sinha, Tanya Liu, Lucas Tambasco, Kathy Lin, Brinda Vijaykumar, Edward Flores, Michael Tarczon, Alex Garcia, John Wang, Jessica Haskins, Samantha Hartzell, Abiy Tasissa, Annie Huang, Marcel Thomas, Saba Moisin, Lee Ricketson, Rita Ciaravino, Sunshine Zhou, Jillian James, Paul Thomson, Vidushi Tekrawal, Daniel Hochbaum, Quinn Volmert, Evan Berkowitz, Erica Chan, Margaret Avener, Lucy Mendel, Christie Wood, Adam Leeb, Michael Mooney, Justin Curry, Chad Lieberman, Mike Sekora, Alice Chau, Jeffrey Aristoff, Alexander Hasha, Nasser Demir, Brian Chan, Tim Kreider, Jeffrey Leblanc, Judith Su, Carlos Gomez, Jessica Kleiss, Amanda Beeson, Robert Buckingham, Bev Thurber, Daniel Kamalic, Jon Lubetsky, Peter Kim, Jan Skotheim.


The group collaborates with research groups in Paris, Copenhagen and Liege. Long-term visiting faculty at MIT have included David Quéré (ESPCI, Ecole Polytechnique), Christophe Clanet (Ecole Polytechnique, ESPCI), Neil Balmforth (University of British Columbia), Darren Crowdy (Imperial College), Richard Kerswell (University of Cambridge) and André Nachbin (IMPA).

Past and current collaborators include:
Yves Couder , Emmanuel Fort , Howard Stone , Jose Andres , David Quéré , Christophe Clanet , Andre Nachbin , Aslan Kasimov , Tomas Bohr , Paul Milewski , Ruben Rosales, Jorn Dunkel.


The group gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the National Science Foundation, that has supported us through the Division of Mathematical Sciences, the CBET (Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport systems) and the CMMI – Dynamical Systems. We thank the MIT-France Program, which has supported a number of visiting students. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Marie-Curie Foundation, the Fulbright Foundation and the Limitless Space Initiative, each of which currently supports a postdoctoral researcher in the group.