Crossing the Faraday threshold

The complete regime diagram for bouncing droplets (20cS-80Hz) includes the complex behavior arising above the Faraday threshold.

We present the results of an experimental investigation of the dynamics of droplets bouncing on a vibrating fluid bath for forcing accelerations above the Faraday threshold. Two distinct fluid viscosity and vibrational frequency combinations (20 cS–80 Hz and 50 cS–50 Hz) are considered, and the dependence of the system behavior on drop size and vibrational acceleration is characterized. A number of new dynamical regimes are reported, including meandering, zig-zagging, erratic bouncing, coalescing, and trapped regimes. Particular attention is given to the regime in which droplets change direction erratically and exhibit a dynamics akin to Brownian motion.We demonstrate that the effective diffusivity increases with vibrational acceleration and decreases with drop size, as suggested by simple scaling arguments.

See paper: Tambasco, L.D., Pilgram, J.J. and Bush, J.W.M. Bush, Chaos (2018)