Rotating frame: Experiments

A circular orbit executed by a droplet walking in a rotating frame (a) destabilizes into a chaotic trajectory (b-c), the result being multimodal, quantum-like statistics.

We present the results of an experimental investigation of a droplet walking on the surface of a vibrating rotating fluid bath. Particular attention is given to demonstrating that the stable quantized orbits reported by Fort et al. (2010) arise only for a finite range of vibrational forcing, above which complex trajectories with multimodal statistics arise. We first present a detailed characterization of the emergence of orbital quantization, and then examine the system behaviour at higher driving amplitudes. As the vibrational forcing is increased progressively, stable circular orbits are succeeded by wobbling orbits with, in turn, stationary and drifting orbital centres. Subsequently, there is a transition to wobble-and-leap dynamics, in which wobbling of increasing amplitude about a stationary centre is punctuated by the orbital centre leaping approximately half a Faraday wavelength. Finally, in the limit of high vibrational forcing, irregular trajectories emerge, characterized by a multimodal probability distribution that reflects the persistent dynamic influence of the unstable orbital states.

See paper  here:  Harris & Bush (2014)